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Our staff

​Our school staffing comprises of the principal, 3 deputy principals, 10 heads of departments and 53 teaching staff. Our Special Education Unit comprises of one head of special education services and 5 teaching staff. The school also has a number of support staff such as the guidance officer, chaplain, school health nurse, community education counsellor and school-based police officer and a number of teaching aides who assist in the classroom. Each year level has a year level coordinator who coordinates activities and manages issues relating to students in their year level.

​Position ​Contact person
Principal ​Janet Young
​Deputy principal Yr 9 & 12 ​Kylie Butler
​Deputy principal Yr 7 & 8 ​Dan Williamson
​Deputy principal Yr 10 & 11 ​Amanda Pearce
​Head of Special Education Unit ​Katrina Hawley
​Head of Business/LOTE ​Carla Anderson
​Head of  English ​Jacalean Wines
​Head of Health and Physical Education ​Aaron Harmsworth
Head of  Maths​ ​Nadene Housman
​Head of Technologies ​Bronwyn Fechner (Acting)
​​Head of the Arts ​Helen Lomas
​Head of Science ​Vicki Nielsen
​Head of Senior Schooling ​Desolee Cowley

​Head of SOSE

Head of Junior Secondary / Social Justice

​Juanita Ray (Acting)

Selina Salter (Acting)

​Chaplain Aaron Schick​
​Community Education Counsellor ​Jodie Martin
​Guidance officer

​Christine McTaggart & Kate Lang             

School based police officer​ TBA
​School health nurse ​Mischa Lawford
Year 7 coordinator​ Josie Nembach
​Year 8 coordinator Danielle Radel
​Year 9 coordinator ​Paige Hennessey
​Year 10 coordinator Jordanna Kele
​Year 11 coordinator ​Hannah Mounsey
​Year 12 coordinator Erin Clarke-Coolee